Friday, 6 July 2012

Poem: Carry nothing

Carry nothing but the breath inside you
As you journey don’t walk with aching arms.
Watch the birds—travel like them.
They see their burdens, see them but leave them.
Be like that.  Carry nothing.
As you go the currents of life will lift you high and drop you low.
The sun will warm your face and, light, you will smile inside.
The storms will crush you and you will fall with heavy tears;
But you will fly on.
And the oceans and skies and mountains will be there still
As you fly on.  And you will see all like the birds.
But you will fly on.
And you will have nothing to carry but the breath inside you.
Then, light and soft and tired you will find a place
And warmth and peace will welcome you home.

 (c) Hilary Hawkes 2008