Monday, 10 August 2015

Book Lovers Day!

This is a week that began with Book Lovers' Day and, if you love books as much as I do, you'll know that means the absolute best kind of day!

Whether you were raised in a family who passed on a love of reading to you, or whether you had to fight your way to your now blissful bookaholic state, you'll feel a little ripple of excitement waking up on the morning of a Book Lovers' Day. A bit like a birthday it's a sort of official recognition of something that is important and worth celebrating.

And a love for books is worth celebrating. Research shows that children who acquire the reading habit and begin to read for pleasure are more likely to do well academically. Books not only help children increase their factual knowledge and written skills but can enable them to develop understanding and empathy  for others through reading of the experiences of others.

My grandmother, who would have loved Book Lovers' Day and would probably have thrown a party, used to say "If you read you'll never be bored or lonely". She was right. My own journey into the world of reading for pleasure started very early in life at a time when, for various reasons, I often found myself alone. Stories were my escape and they were also my friends. I went on adventures when I read and eventually, of course, what I learnt from them enabled me to go on to real life 'adventures' and make many real life friends who loved books as much as I did. 

So to all those friends and to anyone else who has put down their current good book for a moment and looked in to read this: Happy Book Lovers' Day every day!

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