Thursday, 1 December 2016

Get ready for Christmas with an Advent Story Calender!

It's nearly that time again!

In the exciting build up to Christmas, children everywhere will be prising open little cardboard doors (or drawers on the more sophisticated types) and discovering Christmassy pictures (or sometimes not so Christmassy pictures), or finding yummy treats. 

Yes, I'm talking about Advent calenders.

If you're a story fan - a writer or a reader who wants to impart your love for books at every opportunity- then Advent is a great time to get children engaged with stories too.

Why not create an Advent calender that has that in mind? What could be better right now than an idea that gets children involved in stories and prepares them for Christmas all at the same time?

One way is to pick out your child's favourite Christmassy or winter tales - you could include library books to ensure you have plenty ie 24, one for each day of Advent. Wrap each book, or place them all in a decorated box, and let your child choose one a day until December 24th to share and enjoy.

Little Owl discovers it's great being an owl - especially at Christmas time!

Author  Brenda Williams' Brown Bear, Reindeer and Co which is free to enjoy HERE

And Activity Village have lots of free stories and poems.HERE

Or here is how to use the stories for a Story And Advent Activity:

Using coloured card or paper cut out your Christmas tree shape.

Get your child to colour or decorate this and then hang or pin it up.

Encourage your child to choose one book a day.

When you snuggle up and share each story, get your child to draw or create a picture of something from it. They don't need to be van Gogh. All efforts are amazing! And just to prove it, hang or stick each day's masterpiece on the tree. Write the day's number on each picture. You willl have 24 by the end of Advent.

You could make the last day the Nativity story and perhaps decorate your Advent Story Tree with a star at the top.

Happy Advent, happy story sharing!