Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Five today!

Strawberry Jam Books is five years old today!

Stories and resources that promote friendship, kindness, inclusion and understanding ourselves and others

Print versions of the stories, The Friendship Adventure Project for primary schools and children's groups and the Story Therapy(R) series are all available on amazon sites.

About Strawberry Jam Books
I started this small project five years ago. I'd been lucky enough to have been published by several publishers but decided to venture into setting up my own not-for-profit project for children. I've always felt very passionate about helping children learn about inclusion, differences and understanding of disabilities. So I put a collection of stories together along with a project handbook (The Friendship Adventure). The games and activities in the handbook link to the stories and, through the characters (who have different issues or difficulties), children learn about themselves and others.  But the stories can also be enjoyed on their own without being part of the project.

Then I developed the Story Therapy(R) series which is proving to be the most popular part of Strawberry Jam Books, and it's this collection of interactive stories, audios/cd that help children deal with emotions and feelings that I'm now developing further.

The right stories at the right time can help children grow emotionally, understand themselves and connect with others. 

A book can be a friend. It can nurture, inspire and heal too!

Stories can be shared with groups of children in story time sessions too. These children enjoyed the relaxation/simple meditation at the end of Just Be with Bizzy Bee too! (pic courtesy Jill Cofsky and class).

Over 50 Strawberry Jam Books selected and about to journey to schools and libraries in parts of the world where children have poor access to books and education.

Strawberry Jam Books is a creative Social Enterprise - any profits from sold books goes back into creating more resources. Some titles have won modest awards, such as Mom's Choice or the Wishing Shelf Awards.

If you're looking for free stories and resources then come and check out our website or find the full versions of the books: paperbacks and some audio and cd - on amazon too.   The Story Therapy pinterest page has nearly 200 title suggestions for children's books that help with issues such as loss, behaviour, emotional health etc And Useful Resources  is a growing list of links to ideas that support children, especially those with special needs. 

Hilary Hawkes
Strawberry Jam Books